Milly Sheffer Demonstration

Milly Sheffer Still-Life oil Painting with a palette knife
Milly Sheffer-

Milly Sheffer’s love of the creative process and oil painting shines through in her teaching and her paintings. OAG members and guests at the monthly meeting on Feb 13 followed intently Milly’s demonstration “Still-Life Start-to-Finish” as she selected cherished pieces to compose a still life arrangement. That done, Milly brushed lively colors on a canvas, then loosely sketched a birds-eye view of the scene on the primed surface. Preparations finished, Milly selected a flexible palette knife and dark oil pigments to form the shapes, working dark to light, thin application of darks to heavier texture on lights. Many in the audience registered for Milly’s workshop at the Appleton on March 14. Milly is also offering a series of open Monday morning sessions at Brick City Center for the Arts, starting Feb 18. Wonderful opportunities to develop your talent, explore a new technique, and find joy in painting with a palette knife!

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