The Figure in Pastel

Featured this month will be an art demonstration by Don Borie, who
will be using a clothed male model as he draws the human figure in
pastels.  Don Borie’s demo will show lighting, posing and figure art tips.

“Pastel simplifies the craft of applying color in art. The mechanics of drawing with a stick of pastel is much like sketching with a pencil only in color and a plus is no solvents or water needed. Cleanup is washing your hands!”

Don Borie

Don says, “Drawing and painting to include the character or actions of a person lend a connection to inspire me in developing oil or pastel painting.  Now my paintings improve by simplifying and focusing on the emotion and impact as needed.  Self-satisfaction is my reward for a successful painting along with the acceptance of the viewer.”

A Masterful Rendering!

Don Borie entertained attendees at the April 10, 2019 meeting of the Ocala Art Group with a masterful rendering of a full portrait of a clothed live model. Don explained each step of his painting process beginning with the positioning and light on his model, John, who also models for the Figurative Painters group (See Area Happenings under the OCG website Calendar). John’s skin tone, white shirt, and hat make an interesting subject.

Don worked on neutral tone Mi-Tientes Archival paper that can accept a few layers of pastel, less than sandpaper subtrate would hold. The initial, carefully considered drawing was made with vine charcoal. Don then used a variety of pastels ranging from hard NU-Pastels, softer Rembrandt pastels, and very soft and rich Unison pastels. A light touch produces a half-tone, a harder touch gives the full intense color of the pastel. Don layered his available pigments to optically render desired colors, a visual merger of colors.

With pastels, Don cautioned that one should start darker, and continually keep the light source in mind. Don usually chooses to work first on the head, a part of the painting he most enjoys. Charcoal pencil on eye details and well-placed white to highlight facial contours made the painting magically come alive. Final touches included blue pigment to correct skin color in the shadows.

A Brief Bio of Don Borie

Don Borie’s career in art spanned some 50 years in graphic design and drawing and painting. His art subjects range from astronaut to landscapes while giving creative workshops in all art mediums. His specialty evolved into sketching, painting and illustrating people—portrait and figure.

Mr. Borie has been the organizer for the Ocala Figurative Artists group which meets at the Webber Center of the College of Central Florida.   With a background in commercial art and illustration,  Don’s work has appeared in The Artists Magazine, Colorado State of the Arts publication, Florida Times-Union Sunday Magazine, Longmont Times-Call, a requested piece by National Geographic Society offices, a commissioned portrait of astronaut Vance Brand and has private collections across the country.

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