Classic Movie Challenge

“North By Northwest” at Historic Marion Theatre

Poster provided by Pamela Calero Wardell

Iris Kaplan and Jan Tindall,
On behalf of the OAG, it’s members and myself personally: I’d like to thank you both for the impressive venue you presented recently on our behalf at the Marion Historical Theater! The setting was elegant and our art show added to the atmosphere! You and the Members who showed their artwork there should be very proud!!! The variety of subjects inspired by the Classic  movie “North  by Northwest” was truly entertaining and showed how well our members can create outside their “comfort zones”. What a “fun challenge”!! I’m already working on the next Classic Cinema Challenge: “Funny Girl”….I hope our members accept this next Challenge (details on our Website) and enjoy a surge in their CREATIVITY!!!!! AND…of course …I DO  hope they manage to come to the next Showing  and  delightful Reception!!! Sincerely, President  Lee Asta

Art Credits:
Jan Tindall- Mt. Rushmore (up-close) “Peril on the Mountain” and “The Flight”; also graphite of Cary Grant “Cary, Cary, Cary”
Iris Kaplan – (arm and gun) ” Frenetic, Heritage and Magnetic”
Lee Asta- “Dusty Road #1” and “Dusty Road #2”
Jan Kiszonak- graphite “N x NW”
Catherine Sullivan- pastel “One Giant MacGuffin”
Joanie Ford- “Mr. Grant”

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