Membership meeting and Program at Brick City Center for the Arts. Joyce Zeedyk presenter.

Ocala Art Group has planned in-person events, gallery and venue exhibits, and engaging art demos for the 2021-2022 season.  

Perks of OAG Membership

Meetings and Programs are planned to broaden our art skills, knowledge, and appreciation for all the arts, and strengthen friendships among our members.
OAG members receive the monthly Newsletter packed with information about upcoming OAG events and OAG artists.
Tours (Art Ventures) give members the chance to visit special locations, socialize, and be inspired to create new artworks.
OAG members are invited to show and sell their work at several OAG exhibits and shows throughout the year.


The OAG fiscal year and Membership year is from
June 1 through May 31.
Membership Dues
are to be paid by June 1.

To join or renew your membership in Ocala Art Group, please enter your info in the type-in fields on the Membership Application (link below). Print the completed membership form and mail with your check payable to OAG. Mail to the OAG post office box noted on the Membership Application.