Vicki Pritchard – Elements & Principles of Design – November 11, 2019

By consciously using the elements and principles of design during the creative process, or while judging a show, or while critiquing a finished piece, whether your own or someone else’s, a visible, objective standard can be upheld. Not only do we grow as artists by creating more powerful works, but also, when given the responsibility of judging an art show, we are able to critique all kinds of art in an unbiased manner. One can then offer a useful explanation as to why each piece was judged accordingly.

Vicki Pritchard presented an excellent overview of the Elements and Principles of Design in art in the context of how a judge evaluates works. Vicki proceeded to show how repetition and variation of the dominant triangular shapes in two compositions contribute to harmony, grace and beauty of the art.

Vicki then invited the group to help critique and analyze several works brought to the meeting by members. 

Much valuable guidance was provided and her insights were greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Vicki!

Vicki Pritchard

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