Tracking Label for Art

A Tracking Label Sheet is a form for the back of your art — included with most OAG CALL TO ARTISTS (except the Marion Theatre Shows because of their specific framing requirements). Other Art Groups may use a different format, if they have several art shows, to avoid repeat appearances.

Once the form is filled out and put on the underside or back of a piece of work to be entered into an OAG Venue, it is kept there and used by the Artist each AND EVERY  time the piece is entered into another OAG Venue  (or OTHER VENUES). For each show, the Artist will record the location and date that the work appeared, and if it won an AWARD. This is necessary to avoid having the piece entered at a Venue more than one time.

Several OCALA Art locations, specifically state that a piece cannot be shown in more than one Ocala location or be more than a certain age. Since the Artist records these details on the Tracking Sheet, the Artist can easily insure that all Requirements are being met.

BOTTOM LINE: We are using these forms to help us ALL out, so please follow these rules for usage. It will help us all out!!!!