Celebrating 73 Years of Fine Art and Friendship

Message from President Lee Asta

This is a first for me! I am sitting in front of my new iPad DICTATING this message for April. My mind is completely blank as to what I should discuss this time. HHHMMMMM! Why is this such a problem for me now? I think it’s because OAG is PERFECT? Let me analyze WHY I think this.

First-Our EXECUTIVE Board is such a phenomenal group of workers that when presented with a simple job for their office, not only do they do their job very efficiently, but they do MORE because they want to do MORE? In all my years of serving as the officer and president of groups, I have never encountered a board like this. They enjoy doing their job so much that they do extra work without being asked! And on top of that, we have become good friends!

Second-Our new MEETING PLACE (the Chelsea Arts Center) is so very welcoming, light, and lively that members come early for the meeting so they can socialize a bit. Some members even BRING delicious cookies to nibble on while socializing!

Third-OAG’s MEETINGS have been streamlined to cover all important business, by encouraging members to consult the website for specific details. This then is followed by a delightful and informative DEMONSTRATION that varies from month to month WITH DIFFERENT Media Subjects. We only have 7 meetings a year, so there are only two more: April and May, till our delightful June Luncheon at MILANO’s (which offers FREE GALLERY SPACE TO OUR GROUP’S ART). WE are so lucky to have such a wonderful venue to display our art and even sell it!



Leona (Lee) Asta, President


Events List, looking ahead!
Look on the Meetings and Calendar pages for more information.

Lots going on!

We all learned so much and had fun; thanks Sue!! Photos below from our demonstration.

And the winners are…. Gail Bannock – 1st Place; Linda Deluca – 2nd Place; Sharon Repple – 3rd Place; Honorable Mentions: Jan Tindall, Lisa Woodward and Pat Stewart.

Come to the show! Attend the Reception!

Please visit these locations to view artwork by OAG members. Tell your family and friends!

See the Calendar page for more information.

Meetings & Programs

April 8, 2024
Members Meeting and Demonstration (Sue Primeau, Watercolor and Collage)
11am at Chelsea Art Center

Book Club Meetings, 11am at the Chelsea Art Center. Click here to see the 2024 schedule.

Art-Ventures & Outings

Exhibits &
Art Circuit

Mesa de Notte
2436 E. Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala

Milano Italian Grille
5400 SW College Rd. Ocala

White’s Furniture
13970 US Hwy 441

World Equestrian Center
Arena 2
1750 NW 80th Avenue

The Ocala Art Group was established in Ocala in 1950, making our organization the oldest of its kind in Central Florida. The artists have come and gone through the years, but the quality of the work and the enthusiasm of our members ensure that the arts remain alive and healthy, no matter the economic climate.

The Ocala Art Group is a not-for-profit educational corporation and our membership is open to all who share an interest in developing and promoting fine art. We provide programs, demonstrations and workshops that appeal to every art enthusiast, and we sponsor at least four art shows a year with all member participation.



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