Classic Movie Challenge

“Funny Girl” At Historic Marion Theatre – July 1 through September 2, 2021


Leona Asta.        Henry Street and Funny Girl
Gail Bannock.    The Funny
Linda DeLuca.   Under the Brooklyn Bridge 
Iris Kaplan.        Freedom and  Happy Daze
Lynn King.         Hello Gorgeous 
Jan Kiszonak.     Funny Girl
Marian Savage.   New York Duet
Janet Sullivan.    Babs
Janice Tindall.    Baby Snooks and Uh-oh!

June Luncheon- June 9, 2021

Installation of Officers at Braised Onion Luncheon
click below to see the 1 minute video….

Thank you, Mac Harris for contributing the photos of this event.

A Message from new OAG President Leona (Lee) Asta

June 2021…was an exciting month for me!!! On the FIRST of the month, I stepped into the shoes left behind by our DEAR outgoing President Sharon Harris. Sharon gave us a strong term of leadership, patience and stamina to get us back up on our feet from a somewhat tired 70 year old ORGANIZATION. We are now a revitalized art group due to her leadership and hard work!!! We could NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT HER!!! Thanks so much for all  your hard work Sharon and enjoy your “retirement”!!!
I am HONORED to be your PRESIDENT and, like Sharon Harris and other Presidents before me,  I will work very hard for OAG’s success .

Thanks to second Vice President Gail Bannock and her Phantom Assistant, Linda DeLuca, the June Luncheon (with almost 20 in attendance) was a nice time for socializing and Brainstorming!!!….and of course: eating!!!!!

Leona (Lee) Asta, President

PS if you had been at our luncheon you would have learned some intimate secrets about our members: who was a Primary Care Doctor before retiring? Who has had 4 husbands (so far)? Who used to scoop ice cream before retiring? SORRY but you know the old saying: what happens at our Luncheons STAYS at our Luncheons!! You will just have to come to the next one in December to learn more secrets!!!!!

Classic Movie Challenge

“North By Northwest” at Historic Marion Theatre

Poster provided by Pamela Calero Wardell

Iris Kaplan and Jan Tindall,
On behalf of the OAG, it’s members and myself personally: I’d like to thank you both for the impressive venue you presented recently on our behalf at the Marion Historical Theater! The setting was elegant and our art show added to the atmosphere! You and the Members who showed their artwork there should be very proud!!! The variety of subjects inspired by the Classic  movie “North  by Northwest” was truly entertaining and showed how well our members can create outside their “comfort zones”. What a “fun challenge”!! I’m already working on the next Classic Cinema Challenge: “Funny Girl”….I hope our members accept this next Challenge (details on our Website) and enjoy a surge in their CREATIVITY!!!!! AND…of course …I DO  hope they manage to come to the next Showing  and  delightful Reception!!! Sincerely, President  Lee Asta

Art Credits:
Jan Tindall- Mt. Rushmore (up-close) “Peril on the Mountain” and “The Flight”; also graphite of Cary Grant “Cary, Cary, Cary”
Iris Kaplan – (arm and gun) ” Frenetic, Heritage and Magnetic”
Lee Asta- “Dusty Road #1” and “Dusty Road #2”
Jan Kiszonak- graphite “N x NW”
Catherine Sullivan- pastel “One Giant MacGuffin”
Joanie Ford- “Mr. Grant”

Joyce Zeedyk – Critique- April 12

Meeting April 12, 2021 followed by
Critique with Joyce Zeedyk

Joyce Zeedyk did an exceptional job with the Critique today with her kind comments and helpful  suggestions about our artwork.  Eleven people attended and most brought work to the monthly event.   Everyone seemed to benefit from the wonderful ideas on how some of the pieces could be improved based on her many years as an art educator.  Joyce not only discussed our work but also several of the pieces currently on exhibit at the Ocala Art Group’s “Then and Now” Show.  

Gail Bannock -Art of Greeting Cards-March 8

March 8, 2021 Meeting and
Gail Bannock’s Demonstration

Twelve people attended the OAG March Demonstration given by Gail Bannock.  She discussed the Art of Greeting Cards and talked about the variety of techniques, materials and mediums used in her card making process and brought several dozens for display.  We had a wonderful interruption as MCA received 3 beautiful Horse Fever horses into the Brick Gallery to be used for the drawing of the winners of The Giving Collection on June 4th. 

Jordan Shapot -Oils- Feb 8

February 8, 2021 Meeting and
Jordan Shapot’s Demonstration

Jordan Shapot, a native and current resident of Central Florida, obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. Besides creating art for galleries, Jordan also does various commissions and freelance jobs ranging from illustration work to murals.

Linda DeLuca – Acrylics – Jan 11

January 11, 2021

A wonderful demonstration by local artist Linda DeLuca, attended by a small but very enthusiastic group of OAG members. This marked OAGs first face-to-face meeting of the 2020-2021 season. The event was a great start to the New Year, fueling excitement for the OAG exhibit in May at the Brick. Thank you, Linda! and thank you Gail Bannock, OAG Programs chairperson for arranging today’s demonstration! Photos provided by Gail Bannock.

Cindy Vener- Oil and Cold Wax -March 9, 2020

Cindy Vener, local artist, demonstrated several advantages to mixing oils with cold wax medium. The work dries faster, allowing more layers to be applied; scratching through the layers creates textures and reveals the mysteries of underlayers.

Cindy’s favorite reference book is Cold Wax Medium, Techniques, Concepts & Conversations by Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin. The helft papercover tome is available at

Enjoy the photo story below that shows Cindy mixing cold wax and oils on palette papers and applying the buttery mix to a firm substrate like encaustic board using brayers, spreaders, and scrapers; mark-making with Marabu oil crayons and Stabilo woodie crayons, and Catalyst wedges and “brushes”; transferring stenciled designs from deli-papers; layering opaque color and scratching through. Marvelous results from artistic play! Some of us will surely try Oil and Cold Wax during Open Studio time. Thank you, Cindy, for a very stimulating presentation!

About Cindy Vener