Appleton Museum -July 13, 2022

Well, this could be a statue of me, your President…but it is THE Appleton’s THE THINkER! I returned from our OAG trip on July 13th brimming with new knowledge….thanks to our IN-HOUSE Docent , Ruth Dexheimer. Never underestimate her!!!! She prepared well to not only provide us with lots of Art history , but also lots of Art principles , performing arts costumes and scenery details AND farm facts….and it goes ON!!!!!   There were even jokes and humorous antidotes!!!

I can not emphasize enough what an interesting afternoon we 14 members experienced at the Appleton!!! 

Then we headed to a FUNKY local restaurant, MOJOS  and had a delish luncheon. I was ready to continue with more ARTSY adventures till I had a dental emergency (not serious…Thank God!!) I then had to leave the festivities and head to my Dentist for some aid!!! I am sure the others headed on to do some ART exploring!!!!

Mark your calendars for our NEXT OAG trip…second Wednesday in August because Sue Fink n Sandy Fox are at it planning an ARTSY Adventure in Leesburg!!!!contact Sue Fink and let her know to include you!!! What a FUN group we have!!!!

Ruth…thank you so much for such a wonderful, exciting and Artsy day!!!!! I know you did a lot of work for this…. And….it really showed!!!!! We appreciate you so VERY much!!!!!

Lee Asta

We all had such a wonderful time at the Appleton Museum today. Thank you to Ruth Dexheimer for being our docent and giving us a wonderful tour. Fourteen of us attended this OAG adventure and most of us got together at MoJo’s for a delicious lunch after.

Gail Bannock

The Appleton Museum is one of Ocala’s gems. A highlight of our tour was the Beauty and the Beast exhibit on display until January, pairing the imaginative and opulent costumes from the recent production at Ocala Civic Theatre with period art and artifacts from the Museum’s collection that inspired the designs.

Barbara Fife

Photos Courtesy of Gail Bannock