Joyce Zeedyk – Critique- April 12

Meeting April 12, 2021 followed by
Critique with Joyce Zeedyk

Joyce Zeedyk did an exceptional job with the Critique today with her kind comments and helpful  suggestions about our artwork.  Eleven people attended and most brought work to the monthly event.   Everyone seemed to benefit from the wonderful ideas on how some of the pieces could be improved based on her many years as an art educator.  Joyce not only discussed our work but also several of the pieces currently on exhibit at the Ocala Art Group’s “Then and Now” Show.  

Gail Bannock -Art of Greeting Cards-March 8

March 8, 2021 Meeting and
Gail Bannock’s Demonstration

Twelve people attended the OAG March Demonstration given by Gail Bannock.  She discussed the Art of Greeting Cards and talked about the variety of techniques, materials and mediums used in her card making process and brought several dozens for display.  We had a wonderful interruption as MCA received 3 beautiful Horse Fever horses into the Brick Gallery to be used for the drawing of the winners of The Giving Collection on June 4th. 

Jordan Shapot -Oils- Feb 8

February 8, 2021 Meeting and
Jordan Shapot’s Demonstration

Jordan Shapot, a native and current resident of Central Florida, obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. Besides creating art for galleries, Jordan also does various commissions and freelance jobs ranging from illustration work to murals.

Linda DeLuca – Acrylics – Jan 11

January 11, 2021

A wonderful demonstration by local artist Linda DeLuca, attended by a small but very enthusiastic group of OAG members. This marked OAGs first face-to-face meeting of the 2020-2021 season. The event was a great start to the New Year, fueling excitement for the OAG exhibit in May at the Brick. Thank you, Linda! and thank you Gail Bannock, OAG Programs chairperson for arranging today’s demonstration! Photos provided by Gail Bannock.

Cindy Vener- Oil and Cold Wax -March 9, 2020

Cindy Vener, local artist, demonstrated several advantages to mixing oils with cold wax medium. The work dries faster, allowing more layers to be applied; scratching through the layers creates textures and reveals the mysteries of underlayers.

Cindy’s favorite reference book is Cold Wax Medium, Techniques, Concepts & Conversations by Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin. The helft papercover tome is available at

Enjoy the photo story below that shows Cindy mixing cold wax and oils on palette papers and applying the buttery mix to a firm substrate like encaustic board using brayers, spreaders, and scrapers; mark-making with Marabu oil crayons and Stabilo woodie crayons, and Catalyst wedges and “brushes”; transferring stenciled designs from deli-papers; layering opaque color and scratching through. Marvelous results from artistic play! Some of us will surely try Oil and Cold Wax during Open Studio time. Thank you, Cindy, for a very stimulating presentation!

About Cindy Vener

Dotty Fitzgerald- “Mixed Media Abstract Expressionism” – February 10, 2020

Dotty Fitzgerald describes her art as “a place for the eye to travel and the mind to wonder”

Dotty Fitzgerald discusses her approach to Abstract Expressionism
OAG members explore approaches to Abstract Expressionism with Dotty Fitzgerald at the February 10th meeting.

OneBlood Exhibit February 2020

Thank you Jan Kiszonak for volunteering to organize the exhibits at OneBlood. The paintings shown this month at OneBlood are by artists Terry Avick, Heather Doherty, and Jan Kiszonak.
Artists who are members of OAG are encouraged to exhibit their work at OneBlood. There are No fees to participate and no commissions on sales.

Dana Fox Jenkins “Watercolor Sketchbooks/Journals”- January 13, 2020

Dana Fox Jenkins

Dana Jenkins demonstration focused on her travel journals that are brilliantly colored and evocative. A few sample pages from her journals are shown below.

To complement her friend Dana’s demo, OAG member and Program coordinator Milly Sheffer showed how to make our own journals from scratch using bits of fabrics, cardboard, and leftover watercolor paper. The accordian style memory books that capture scenes from our travels captivated the audience. A fun couple of hours!

Thank you Dana and Milly, for this wonderfully inspiring presentation!

OneBlood Exhibit – Nov 6, 2019 – Jan 8, 2020

Article and Photos by Debbie Orrison Janssen, OneBlood Exhibit Chairperson

The November OAG art display at OneBlood had seven lovely art pieces submitted by four artists. The theme was “Sugarplum Purple”. The staff and patients continue to express their appreciation of the beautiful art that the Ocala Art Group shares during each show. This show will be on display until January. These artists have shared art during this show – see photos:

Joyce Cusick:  Banana Flower and Albino Pelicans
Heather Doherty:  Springtime and Wine on the Vine
Barbara Fife:  Happiness
Debbie Orrison Janssen:  Fine Wine and Wine Grapes

Vicki Pritchard – Elements & Principles of Design – November 11, 2019

By consciously using the elements and principles of design during the creative process, or while judging a show, or while critiquing a finished piece, whether your own or someone else’s, a visible, objective standard can be upheld. Not only do we grow as artists by creating more powerful works, but also, when given the responsibility of judging an art show, we are able to critique all kinds of art in an unbiased manner. One can then offer a useful explanation as to why each piece was judged accordingly.

Vicki Pritchard presented an excellent overview of the Elements and Principles of Design in art in the context of how a judge evaluates works. Vicki proceeded to show how repetition and variation of the dominant triangular shapes in two compositions contribute to harmony, grace and beauty of the art.

Vicki then invited the group to help critique and analyze several works brought to the meeting by members. 

Much valuable guidance was provided and her insights were greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Vicki!

Vicki Pritchard