NOTE: ALL exhibits at The Brick  City Center for the Arts are juried by the MCA Selection Committee. 
              Artwork not selected will not be exhibited and entry fees will not be returned. 

HOW – Winners will be rewarded with ribbons, some monetary prizes as well as other prizes

COST – $35 – non refundable if juried out  – ONE PIECE ONLY FOR SUBMISSION…MEMBERS ONLY! 

At the OCTOBER 2021 Meeting,  OAG members were given  the opportunity to contribute their ideas for NAMES OF 3 INSPIRING ARTISTS for this first “STROKE of GENIUS” Juried and Judged FINE ARTS SHOW. 

THEME/INSPIRATION – Member Artists will be challenged to follow the theme “STROKE OF GENIUS” by CREATING  their very own art inspired by the famous and loved Artists/Geniuses :  John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer or Mary Cassatt. The Challenge starts by studying the biographies of the THREE SELECTED ARTISTS. Links to their biographies and artworks re provided below. Members will study these Artists’ works to see which ONE interests AND inspires them. NO COPYING PLEASE!  Once the members have selected the ONE painting they feel the most moved by, they will photograph it with their phone or camera and make a copy to study.
This copy then can be brought to Staples and used to make a 4″ X 6″ copy on cardstock to be submitted at drop off with the member’s finished painting or 3D art piece.

Click on the links below to read their biography
and view many of their paintings to find YOUR inspiration.

John Singer Sargent

Winslow Homer

Mary Cassatt

Call to Artists

The PDF file with detailed information about the Exhibit is available for DOWNLOAD below.

THEN scroll to the bottom of this page for the APPLICATION FORM.

Instructions for the type-in Application Form

On your computer screen you should see type-in fields in the Application Form below. This file is a fillable/ type-in PDF file.

You may need to click on the DOWNLOAD button below to see the Print and Save options described here.

Position your cursor in the first field and type your information. Continue for all fields to the bottom of page 1.

At the top right of the form, black or gray band, click on the Save icon (“disk”, down-pointing arrow) and name the PDF file your lastname and first initial. Example: JonesK and save the PDF file in a folder on your computer. You will attach this saved file to an email to barbarafife@cox.net

At the top right of the form, black or gray band, click on the Printer icon to print a copy of your typed Application to mail to Lynn King, and a copy to keep for your own records.