Classic Movie Challenge

“Funny Girl” At Historic Marion Theatre – July 1 through September 2, 2021


Leona Asta.        Henry Street and Funny Girl
Gail Bannock.    The Funny
Linda DeLuca.   Under the Brooklyn Bridge 
Iris Kaplan.        Freedom and  Happy Daze
Lynn King.         Hello Gorgeous 
Jan Kiszonak.     Funny Girl
Marian Savage.   New York Duet
Janet Sullivan.    Babs
Janice Tindall.    Baby Snooks and Uh-oh!

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  1. The art show was such fun! The movie party we shared together was very enjoyable also! Can’t wait for the next one!!!! These shows are just the challenge I need to get my creative juices flowing again!!!! Don’t miss this fun!!!!! It’s such a BARGAIN!!!!! You will love it!!!!!Lee

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