Lunch and a Movie! Sept 25, 2021

Another fun social event for OAG members!

Matinee outing -September 25th , 2021

OAG is heading to the MOVIES!!!! What better way to spend an afternoon ? Grabbing a bite and then heading to a CLASSIC MOVIE? We want to see our lovely  OAG Art  Show inspired by the Beatles Movie:” A Hard Day’s Night”.

Some of us are going to meet at Ivy on the Square Restaurant for Lunch at  NOON and then head across the street  to the Marion Theater to see the 2:00 Matinee on Saturday, September 25th.It’s a real BARGAIN  at only $5. 

Let Lee Asta know if you’d like to be included in lunch and she will try to make RESERVATIONS:
 Look forward to spending the afternoon together!!!! Lee Asta

The Luncheon venue had to be changed to the Braised Onion at the last minute, but everyone who attended had a great time!

Attending Heather Doherty and new members: Dori Sullivan, Nancy Sepe, Sheila Sugerman; Glori Kohlmann; Jan Kiszonak and Lee Asta:

Well! Well! Well! What’s going on here? Laughing? Red shirts? Lunch? Talking? Oh! Now I figured it out!!! It’s those OAG artists again!!! Ok so where were they off to? In a short survey as they were leaving , they commented: “we just saw the Classic Movie:”A Hard Days Night” starring the Beatles. So? How was it? Comments: The music was great! The story was long! The theater was chilly! It was better if we were seeing it in the 1960’s!!! (we’d be younger too!!!) The OAG Art Show was beautiful! People were actually seen studying the art!!!! I’d go to the next one! The theater downstairs was nicely redone!

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  1. Each outing I go to gets better and more fun each time!!!! it’s so nice getting to know people like me !!!! Cant wait for our Nov. TRIP to Villages and Leesburg to see some interesting ART VENUES!!! Sign up with GAIL BANNOCK Soon. Don’t forget Oct.11th Meeting at Noon. Bring your HOMEWORK:
    1.) On 3 X 5″ Card or small paper the name of a FAVORITE ARTIST and why you like his art?

    2.) A business Card of yours or a paper with your name and contact info on it for a LOTTERY to choose which Artists/Members will be featured in our Newsletter.

    As part of Business meeting learn a bit about our up-and-coming Fine Arts Show at the Brick City Art Center for Feb. 2022. Very exciting, fun and CHALLENGING!!! DONT MISS THIS MEETING!!

    Check our THERMOMETER GRAPH and see where our Membership Drive is reaching? Our goal is 71….can you help? Bring a FRIEND on the 11th!!!

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