Dennis Kaminski- Sept 13, 2021

Meeting at 12 PM followed by Program:
“Choosing the BEST Products to Make YOUR Artwork Standout!”

Dennis Kaminski – Best products for Your Media September 13, 2021 – Photo Courtesy of Joanie Ford

Weather cooperated and from 11 am -12 PM, while the Board meet for their executive meeting, “hostess” Jan Tindall welcomed about 16 OAG members to a pleasant lunch and chat on the patio at Brick City gallery before the members’ meeting and program.

At the members’ business meeting President Lee Asta introduced 6 new members of OAG! Membership is growing again to pre-COVID numbers.
A highlight of the meeting was approval by the membership of the revision of the Bylaws. The newly revised Bylaws are now posted on the website.
Board members Lynn King and Gail Bannock announced an exciting lineup of exhibits, programs and events for new season. Webmaster Barbara Fife encouraged to submit new of their awards, recognition, link to their website, and images of their work for the Member pages of the website. Cindy Vener was thanked for setting up an Instagram account for Ocala Art Group.

Photo Courtesy of Joanie Ford – Some of the members attending the September meeting.

Dennis Kaminski waited patiently in the wings through all this. Dennis shared with s a wealth of information about available art supplies for every medium. Dennis explained the different surfaces, wood-pulp and cotton fiber papers, matboard quality, the spectrum of canvases, coated masonite choices, and cradled board.

Have you ever wanted to test a brush before you buy? Dennis actually encourages artists to test brushes (water only) before your purchase! Quality brushes will last a very long time if cared for properly. Masters(General) and Escoda manufacture brush soap. A misshapen brush carelessly stored? Dip the hairs in very hot water for 20-30 seconds, to relax the hairs, then apply brush soap and shape. Dry horizontal on a support with hairs not touching anything. Good as new!!

There really IS a difference in the quality of graphite pencils. Tip: avoid the death grip on pencils by holding farther back on the pencil. That probably holds true for brushes, too…..

Best paint? In any medium, pigment content is key. Less expensive lines contain more vehicle, brighteners, filler, less pigment. For LOTS of Watercolor paint information, Dennis recommended the online resource An encyclopedia!!!

Visit GOLDEN at to learn more about their full range of products. You can even print out a “recipe” for a specific mix.

And Dennis carries a full line of EVERYTHING in his large store in Leesburg. Definitely a destination for artists!!!

COMING Wednesday, November 10… AN “ART-VENTURE” TO LEESBURG!!!!! Details and flyer on the Calendar page.

Thank you an entertaining as well of very informative presentation, Dennis!