When the first OAG Meeting approaches on Monday, September 13th at noon, I will be feeling like a new teacher {which I was!!!), filled with hopeful anticipation for my coming school year!!!Like most Teachers at the beginning of the year, I will be wondering: “WILL THEY LIKE ME”?, but more importantly, “WILL I LIKE THEM?” As I look out on all those glowing faces, I will wonder  those  same questions about YOU:  who will be my PET? Who will be the CLASS PEST? Who will be the class clown?
You get the picture? This will also happen with my lovely group of ARTISTS!!!

Gratefully, I will not worry  about the coming year  BECAUSE I HAVE A GREAT Board of DIRECTORS and OFFICERS,  who are already spending much time getting me UP AND RUNNING to do a great job this year. Each  has not only shown extreme commitment, but also great work ethic  and skills which will certainly make this year easier!!!

Please BE SURE TO ATTEND THIS VERY IMPORTANT MEETING AS YOU ARE NEEDED TO VOTE ON OUR NEW AND IMPROVED By-Laws. Please read the copy of the NEW BYLAWS we sent out to you BEFORE the meeting,  so you know how to vote!!!  

In the time during  this short business meeting, we will discuss some interesting facts summarized as a result of OAG’s recent Survey. The number of Members filling it out and returning it was RECORD BREAKING!!!!  A ROUSING 63% of those  SURVEYS sent out were completed and returned!!! YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD…I KNOW I AM!!! We will certainly  work on implementing some new events/venues as a result. The Survey Report is on our WEBSITE and featured in our Newsletter for all to study in their spare time…DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!

We will also give a brief summary of what we have been doing since May/June to set up some interesting Venues for our ART. 
In addition, I will reserve the BRICK ‘S  Patio from  11-12 each of our 7 Brick Meetings for Members to enjoy the beautiful area to share a lunch or snacks and SOCIALIZE with Members they haven’t seen in a while!!! At Noon, you can join your Board of Directors inside for a brief Meeting followed by a lively Program given by Dennis from DK Art Supplies who has some interesting new Products to show us and even will  give out some neat  samples!!!

For September’s Meeting on September 13th, Come with your lunch to the Brick’s Patio from 11-12:00 to socialize with Members you haven’t seen for a while. Your Board of Directors will be inside from 11-12 meeting and planning things. THEN AT NOON…ALL MEET inside to have a short BUSINESS meeting followed by a very interesting Presentation!!!
It will be exhilarating!!!

Leona (Lee) Asta, President