President’s Message

September 2019

Sharon Harris, OAG President

Hi All,

We had a great demo by Jan Vermilya in August who showed us a multitude of pastel techniques to help us develop foggy, hazy days, clouds, smoke and more.  Everyone enjoyed her presentation and we all learned a lot. 


That’s is the presentation in September, led by yours truly. The September 9 meeting is going to be about you and the theme is “let’s have fun by exploring how to stimulate a creative burst.”   You know how frustrating it is when you reach a point where you just don’t feel there is an idea that you want to paint—a feeling of motivational dead end.   Well, in September, YOU will be the program as you are led to translate your inner, private subconscious feelings into visual expressions designed to help you stimulate new ideas.  You will use the simple visual language of dots, marks, lines and value, so bring your sketchbooks, big clipboards, drawing tools, paper towels and table covers.  You will be creating your own drawings that are analogous to words and selfies of your internal self, i.e., analog drawings. If you have never used an analog drawing to breakthrough those “dry periods” then come to the September meeting prepared to explore yourself and see “you” visualized on a piece of paper.

Be sure to renew your membership, and please sign up to help Lee Asta and Lynn King plan our 70th Anniversary Celebration.

Hope you have a great Labor Day,

Sharon Harris

Program Announcement for Analog Drawing with Sharon Harris September 9, 2019
Sharon Harris Bio
Sharon Harris program after the September 9 meeting.