President’s Message

February 2020

Sharon Harris, OAG President

Hi All,

Hi Everyone,

     For our January meeting Milly Sheffer lined up a wonderful demonstration presented by Dana Fox Jenkins, a fantastic watercolorist with a unique style.  She works wet brush onto dry cold pressed watercolor paper.  It was amazing to watch her work.  She demonstrated painting travel journal entries and Milly demonstrated alongside her showing everyone how to make the journals from our scrap paper.  It was a delightful day of watching and learning.  Be sure to be at the next demo because I’m sure Milly has got someone special again, Dottie Fitzgerald an abstract expressionist.

     Well someone finally stepped up to assume charge of the OneBlood Exhibit.  THANK YOU, Jan Kiszonak and Joanie Ford.  This is a great, small venue provided for the benefit of the artists to sell and exhibit their work in a free, heavily traveled venue. You’re willingness to keep this exhibit going is a great benefit—can’t thank you ladies enough.

     Lee and Lynn are still meeting for the 70th Anniversary committee on Wednesday the 12thh of February to discuss our May Celebration.  They are doing a great job with lots of artists awards and member activities planned for May.  Please, contact Lee Asta or Lynn King if you are able to help with any little thing, many hands make light work for everyone.

     The Hospitality ladies, Terry Avick and June Reichenbach, are seeking to retire after the 70thReception.  So, we are looking for a couple of volunteers to do the following for fiscal year 2020-21:  arrange for light receptions at our annual May Art Exhibition at the Brick, arrange a restaurant for the May and December luncheons, and plan a travel venture each year.  Joanie and Jan stepped forward to help them for the Reception, but we need to find someone who will do these tasks after May this year.  Thank you June and Terry for carrying this ball for so long, about 5 years, we really appreciate everything you have done.

     Speaking of fiscal year board changes, due to the 70th Anniversary scheduling 4 events in May, the membership decided to hold elections of officers & directors at the April meeting and cancel the May election Luncheon, then install in June as is usually done.  At this time, we are only looking for volunteers for Hospitality, I think everyone else will serve again next year.

     We have had good success so far with volunteers for 1st Friday Art Walk.  We agreed last fall for the OAG to pay the registration fee, and the artists who manned the tent would pay the $10 to $25 tent rental fee for the month they signed up for.  They can exhibit their own works while promoting OAG, and/or do a youth activity to pay less for the tent.  OAG covers expenses for youth materials.  The volunteers for March have personal problems and won’t be able to man the tent.  Do we have anyone who is interested to keep the tent manned in March?  Let me know before February 15 if you would like to exhibit your work and man the tent.

     Last, OAG agreed to participate in the Ocala Sculpture Stroll Feb 22, 10:00 to 2:00 at Tuscawilla Park.  The City will provide the tent and furniture.  We provide volunteers.  Terry Luke is taking names of anyone who can share an hour or so in helping to man the booth.  Text Terry at 386-336-7440 if you can give an hour of time that day so those who did sign up can take a break.  This is a great opportunity to promote the OAG and find new members.

      Thanks to everyone for all the effort each of you have contributed to making the OAG active and energized.  As long as we work together and volunteer to keep activities going we will stay strong.  We are growing and doing so much better now and we couldn’t have done it without everyone pitching in to make it happen.  Thank you all.

Sharon Harris