If some of you out there haven’t been participating in OAG affairs lately, you probably don’t know that we have recently celebrated an amazing event: our 70th PLUS Anniversary. Well, I find this such an amazing AND scary fact!!! 

          I am Happy to say that this LOW number has NOT AFFECTED OUR SPIRIT!!!! While you all have been lolling around the pool and relaxing, our New Executive Board has been meeting actively through the Summer to streamline our ByLaws, set up a Budget, create a Survey to help us revamp our calendar of events; and we have been travelling all over Ocala networking to arrange for exciting new Art Show Venues that are BLOWING OUR MINDS AWAY!!!

          NOW we are SCARED!!! What will happen to all these great things we are developing? If we only have 28 members, how will we be able to support these events? 
So what if you can’t hear? See? Drive? Paint? Bowl? remember? WE DONT CARE!!! WE STILL LOVE YOU AND  WE STILL NEED YOU AND YOUR ART AND YOUR  DUES of $35!!! Don’t prevent OAG from continuing to FLOURISH in the Art world or the Ocala Community!!! Send in your $35 Dues to: Membership Chair Heather Doherty through the OAG post office box:  OCALA ART GROUP  P.O. BOX 772834  OCALA, FL 34477-2834 (the mailing address is on the membership form, too).

            We will be having a variety of venues for you to enjoy! Check out our Website to see what we have to offer at: https://ocalaartgroup.org/calendar/ and the Membership webpage:  Membership – Ocala Art Group  I guarantee you will enjoy the experience!!! We will be meeting at the Brick City Art Center on the second Monday of MOST months at NOON for Members. Some months we will be going to lunch or going on an adventure!!! You just have to check the Website to see where we will be. 

          SEPTEMBER is our Membership Drive Month…we are aiming to sign up 70 MEMBERS in TOTAL to help us srengthen our foundation…HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US!!!

Leona (Lee) Asta, President