December 2022

Lee Asta, OAG President

As the Holiday Season is approaching, I wish all our wonderful and creative Members a happy and healthy Holiday season; Happy Hanukkah, a Joyful Kwanzaa and a very Merry Christmas to you all!! Thanks again to my wonderful BOARD MEMBERS and all those who have been able to help us with our many venues, goals and projects!

As the New Year also is on the threshold, you may already be busy making a list of new RESOLUTIONS. As you may have already noticed, this is another word beginning with an “R” that we can now add to our already existing OAG Three R’s List from September.

At the top of our 2023 list of RESOLUTIONS, we will continue to find READING, with our ARTISTS’ BOOK CLUB. The second one is on January 3rd at the Braised Onion at noon. If you couldn’t make the first one, now is the time to mark your calendar to attend the next one, as it will be a real WINNER! Since it is with the subject of VAN GOGH, maybe we will RESOLVE to create some art this time. Make your RESERVATIONS for lunch with HOST Verna Sheldon. Click here for more information about the Book Club.

Also, I have been working since October on getting an Art-Venture trip to OCALA on the SECOND WEDNESDAY (JAN 11th), which is going to be really ARTSY and COOL…(if I can work out the details). It is NOT settled yet. I will send out an email if successful!

The next “R” comes with our February Fine Arts Show at the Brick City Center for the Arts that we are calling REFLECTIONS. Jan Tindall and Iris Kaplan have worked out a new system for submitting your artwork that will make your lives easier with NO PAPER APPLICATIONS! I do hope you are already working on your entries because this is a very important show for OAG and our future to win the RESPECT of the Ocala community. We need everyone’s support, so PLEASE submit your artwork! Click here for more information.

And FINALLY, our LAST “R” (for now) is ROOTS and RECOGNITION for OAG!!! We have already had our first meeting of our Community Outreach Committee. We had about 5-6 attendees and our wheels are already rolling towards this Goal! See the Committee’s Report below from our first meeting.

In conclusion, I hope this list of all we are PRESENTLY working on proves so stimulating to all our Members that we have REVIVED your interest in our ART GROUP. We want to see you all at our Meetings!!! Who knows? Maybe you will even develop some new RELATIONSHIPS among our artist members like I did.

P.S. – Sorry about the “R”s, but I just got CARRIED AWAY!!! I am REALLY REGRETFUL!!!!

Happy Holidays…Lee

Community Outreach Committee Report

Our first Community Outreach Committee met before our November meeting at the Brick City Center for the Arts to get things started with finding a permanent Gallery Space in a public space for OAG. We started out with about 5 Members and it gradually grew. Members at the meeting include Lynn King, Marion Savage, Debbie Ceres, and Ruth Ann Dexheimer to name a few. Other Members were unable to attend but will join us at the next meeting in January.

Lee, our President, shared her dreams for finding a DONATED area that could be used by OAG throughout the year as a permanent GALLERY for our fine art displays. This could be a wall, a corner, or lobby, in a public place that would be designated AND dedicated to the “SEVENTY- YEAR- OLD- PLUS” Ocala Art Group. Lee stated that NOW is the time to have OAG receive the RESPECT of the Ocala Community as one of the oldest art groups in Central Florida. She added that having this honor bestowed on OAG should also attract other benefits such as increasing our Membership and possibly gaining new venues for our art shows.

Those in attendance quickly joined in with some brainstorming and developed a list of 11 possible places to start this search. Members are free to add to this list, which will be shared at a later meeting. They quickly offered to start checking these places out and making contacts where possible, even with the holidays fast approaching!

Our next OUTREACH meeting will be on the same day as our January Members’ meeting (01/09/2023) at the Brick Art Center starting at 10am. We will end before the Members meeting at 11am. Come early if you would be interested in seeing what is in the developing stages. Thanks to all for your enthusiasm and support to work on this project.  We hope we can get this done!

PLEASE NOTE: We are only in the developing stages with this project. We will NOT be making any decisions for this group but will develop a potential plan and then present it to the Members for their approval.

WHY LEE FEELS THIS IS A NECESSITY AT THIS POINT IN OUR HISTORY: Right now, our attempts at trying to obtain Venues to show our FINE ART are very time consuming and often lead to disappointment, after time spent with meetings, etc. Lee feels having a permanent Gallery Space would save us much time and effort and allow us to develop an annual schedule for all our art venues so we can present professional Fine Arts Shows throughout the year. With such planning then possible, our members could then plan their schedules and prepare their art for these shows well in advance and our OAG image would be more positive to the community as well as to other Artists. Those of you who have helped plan a show know what she is talking about with all the wasted time and effort and unanswered calls!

Share your ideas with Lee at:

Your President, Leona (Lee) Asta