EUREKA!!!! I always wanted to say that word and never had a reason. Remember a year ago when I took the role of President of OAG? I had sent our existing membership a challenge: To see if we could gather a total of 71 members for our 71 years in existence. GUESS WHAT?

For those of you who couldn’t make our May Meeting. This is what you missed:  We were holding our breath as we opened the meeting with 69 members. Thanks to some of our members, two new friends were brought in to the Brick Art Center and they said they wanted to join OAG…bringing our group up to 71!!! (I wish I had stashed some confetti up in the ceiling to be dumped on all of us . . . Along with some bottles of champagne to add to the festivities!)
        I must admit…I did have my doubts! I even confessed to some members that if we missed our goal by two I would feel so pathetic! I realize now that it is not the number that is so large and impressive, but rather the spirit that came along with it. It was like Times Square on New Year’s Eve! We were all so happy with our accomplishment. I probably squeezed the poor girls to death. They will always be known as #70 and #71! They are…Drumroll…#70 Cathy Burnside and #71 ….TADA!!!! .,,. Alice Blanco! WELCOME LADIES! Hopefully they will attend the June 8th luncheon and you can meet them.

So what does the future year hold for OAG and me as your President? Some more challenges for sure!!! First, we need the two vacancies on our Board filled so we can continue onward with all our cool Artventures and accomplishments. These are our Recording Secretary and our First Veep. They are not difficult jobs but necessary to fulfill our Bylaws requirements. Please meet this challenge so we can expand our horizons for bigger and better things to come.

          I want to thank the outgoing Board Members (Lynn King, Gail Bannock and Joanie Ford). Our old friends have offered to stay on in the background to help the new people…such a generous bunch. Can we meet this challenge of two new Board Members? I HOPE SO!!! Once those are filled, we can then move forward with some fun and interesting venues to show our art to Ocala, but I cannot do this alone – please come forward and share the work

Call me…. Lee Asta, Your President 352-223-7687