As I was about to embark on the exciting challenge for our FEBRUARY Fine Art Show, “A Stroke of Genius”, this OMEN is what appeared in my Horoscope: “Gather up inspiration. It may feel passive at first, but you need to take things in before you can expect yourself to turn out good work. What expands your dreaming power, expands your doing power, too!”
If you are STUCK in the middle of this journey like I am? Read this saying over a couple of times and perhaps it will help you continue? You still have till January 17th for the deadline; so, relax and take a break like I am doing!!!! This will be a show that really demonstrates what a phenomenal group of artists we are!!!!!! We need only 27 artists MINIMUM to meet our goal!!! We have 62 members, so I think we can do it plus more!!!!


          Now for my main thought for January: RESOLUTIONS for this New Year? I don’t remember EVER making any in all my years of life (and there have been many of those!!!) I think I am as GOOD as I am going to get, and I do not think I could make promises I really don’t feel like keeping!

          I did, however, give up things for LENT in my schooldays, but that was probably because we had Nuns checking on us and our performance of those promises!!!

          HOWEVER, this does NOT mean YOU shouldn’t make any RESOLUTIONS!!!! I’d like you ALL to make the Resolution to attend the rest of this year’s Meetings at the Brick! I KNOW this is possible because there are only a few left already!! Because we have interspersed them with trips and luncheons, we only have January’s, February’s, April’s, and May’s. March is a TRIP and JUNE is a LUNCHEON, then July and August are open for us to plan and HANG LOOSE! 

           What do you have to gain by coming to our meetings? First, you will get the chance to meet old friends and, even better, a chance to make NEW ones! Next, you will get to see an interesting Demonstration. Most important: you will hear all about our wonderful Shows we are planning as well as some trips and special LUNCHEONS that are also being planned. 

             The ending of 2021 has gone out with a BANG (with occurrences you probably have not even heard about!!!!) We have had sad deaths, operations, sicknesses and even falls and a broken back!!! You would NEVER even suspect any of this because (as they say in show business:) “The Show must go on!!!”

              Our AMAZING executive Board has managed to continue to provide you with the most amazing VENUES for your enjoyment!!!


THIS is a Direct quote from your President, Leona (Lee) Asta:

Please start your New Year off with THIS RESOLUTION: If they (Exec. Bd.) can do it? I can do it!!!

            “I promise to make every effort to support the many exciting VENUES that have been developed for me and my artistic abilities…even if they are out of my comfort zone!!!” starting with the Marion Theater Show in January, with an art show based on movie classic “Roman Holiday”, followed by February’s “Stroke of Genius” at Brick City Gallery, on to April’s Show at the new NOMA Gallery with the theme: “Rhapsody in BLOOZ”. We then skip to June for a three month show at a local bank which Lynn is NOW setting up details for.  Lastly, we are planning an exciting FUNDRAISER for October based on artist Georgia O’Keefe and her life and art!!!!

              Obviously, these are very exciting VENUES for our art and while we have spent OUR time planning them, NOW is when we NOT ONLY WILL NEED your art, but your help. So please RESOLVE to NOT ONLY give us your support BUT offer your help to make these the success we want and so deserve!!!!

            NOTE: As your President I would like to wish you all a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR: 2022…may we ALL CONTINUE TO CREATE AND ENJOY OUR LIVES TO THE FULLEST!!! How lucky we are to have our ART!!!!

Fondly, Lee Asta